Bucket List – Top 20

Have I told you I love tennis?  If not – I love tennis.  I can’t play for squat, but I enjoy watching it.  I can’t even remember when my obsession with the game began.  We didn’t play or watch tennis in my house growing up. I think I maybe tried a few times in college to learn how to actually get a ball over the net, but it was an experience that was a complete bust and so I have blocked the experience from my mind.  My first real memories of loving to watch and follow tennis started when I moved to D.C. in 1997.  I met a friend who was a tennis nut and somehow that nuttiness infected me and so here we are.  I love tennis.

I say all that to say, it is Wimbledon time yet again – probably my favorite of all the Grand Slams. wimbledon-social-media.jpgI love the grass courts, the white outfits, the strawberries and cream, the getting up at 5:30 a.m. to catch the start of play – I love it all.  It never fails to enthrall and delight as top ranked players are eliminated by qualifiers and if there is a smashed racket or angry outburst in the process – all the better. Wimbledon is on my list – I guess what you call a “bucket list”.  I want to sit in the center court stands during a Wimbledon final – just once in my life.

As I was watching match play this week and dreaming of my day in the stands – I started to make a list of other things I’d like to do, see or visit before my time on this earth comes to an end. (Remember how I promised that my next post would be more cheery?  This is as close as I get to cheery – listing things I want to do before I DIE! Enjoy)

And so, in no particular order and with absolutely no promises that others will not be added – here (as of July 5, 2018) is my BEFORE I DIE Bucket List

1. Attend the finals of all 4 tennis Grand Slams (Gentlemen or Ladies – I don’t care which, but both would be fun!)tennis.jpg

2. Learn how to speak and understand Italian.

3. I’d like to live in Italy for one month (hence the reason for #2).  During this time, I would like to rent out a villa in Tuscany and learn how to make delicious Italian food. Oh and drink a lot of Italian wine and eat a lot of bread, cheese and meat. WCTQ-tuscany-culinary-walking-tour-6

4. Finally finish and publish a book.Village-Books-Publishing-Bellingham_0.png

5. Take a 3-4 day vacation on a chartered yacht – this will never happen as this costs more than I am likely to ever make in my entire life – like my ENTIRE life’s earnings- but hey – a girl can dream. (Thanks a lot Below Deck!)20151203111541000000_5199.jpg

6. Attend a Super Bowl – preferably if the Chargers are playing in it – though this is also likely to never happen.  The Chargers are the “other” team featured in championship film reels – the team you beat to get to the big game – lovable losers and all that – but I maintain my affection and devotion even if they stupidly moved to a soccer stadium in Los Angeles of all places!gettyimages-457517850.jpg

7. Drive across America with my husband and child – I’d even do it in an RV!  I’m reading a book right now about a family that took a trip around the world with their 3 kids (all under the age of 11), and while that seems like my idea of hell – I’d like to go from Atlantic to Pacific and see what there is to see, stay where we land and do what we find.  I’m a planner, so this would be a big departure for me – but I think it would ultimately be fun.GettyImages-472579608-56a0e48f3df78cafdaa61e4c

8. Give the commencement address at a graduation.  I don’t really care what kind of graduation – but in order to do that, I need to get started on #3 because you have to actually DO something of note in your life to be asked to give one of these speeches (well or be famous, and I don’t see that as likely).0524-bc-graduates

9. Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant – there are several in Chicago – so there is really no excuse why I haven’t yet done this – just need to save my pennies for what?  A year?main-qimg-1cb965278088a6081c941347ad2ca0f7.png

10. Visit Bermuda – I hear the sand is actually pink there – I’d like to go find out for myself.  I’ve also heard that the best way to do Bermuda is by cruise because you have a built in hotel and way to get to and from – I’m all for that!  SO , visit Bermuda on a cruise.  cruise-line-royal-naval-dockyard.jpg

11. Attend Holiday at Pops at the Boston Pops Orchestra- I’ve watched this concert every Christmas season in my memory – I love it – especially when Santa comes out at the end.  One day I want to be at one of those tables in the audience.BostonPops-HERO.jpg

12. Read 100 books in a year.  I’ve done 30 and I’m on my way to 40 this year – 100 seems a bit out of reach, but a good goal – especially with all the traveling I’m apparently going to do on this list!books

13. Visit all of the Presidential libraries (this could be a two-fer with #6).Seal_of_the_US_Presidential_Libraries.svg

14. Have an article published in the New Yorker – I heard on a podcast that The New Yorker does occasionally publish articles submitted by the public.  So, to find a topic that would be worthy!                            newyorkerlogo.png

15. Learn how to make more things from scratch – pasta and bread come to mind – but I’m intimidated by yeast.

16. Visit Ireland, hang out in an Irish pub – meet Bono (I’ll take 2 out of 3).Ireland-Dublin-Ireland-s-Oldest-Pub-1440x961.jpg

17. Take a train through wine country in Napa.

18. Visit Greece (this is more on Terry’s list than mine, but I’d be happy to tag along).Think-Greece-Country-Santorini-Oia-468940432-marchello74-copy.jpg

19. This is dark – I need to do a WWII/Holocaust journey.  My graduate degree is in European history, my thesis focused on the Final Solution. I’ve read hundreds of books, primary source documents and articles. I’ve watch hundreds of films and interviews.  I’ve been to the U.S. Holocaust museum several times.  But I need to walk on the actual ground and see the actual places.  Maybe alone; I don’t know that I’ll have the capacity for words during this trip – but it definitely needs to get done.

ANDDDDD……to round out the list…..

20. Own my own business. What kind you ask?  I have no idea – but I plan to figure it out.opinion_maxedout1.jpg

So 20 things I need to do before I die.  Looks like I need to add a 21st – win the lottery! But hey, it is fun to dream!

See ya soon!


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