Ruminations on a 30 minute drive

When I lived in the D.C. area, I used to have a daily commute which was about an hour long (even though I think the distance was only about 12 miles). In that hour’s time, I am sure I thought about a lot of things of great importance, but really all I remember is acquiring the ability to apply my entire face of makeup (including eyeliner and mascara) before I reached the parking lot of my office building. Impressive, right!?!?  Totally.  Of course that was back in my 20s, so the need for a lot of shadowing, blending, highlighting, etc. had not become a part of my daily requirements to avoid looking like a hag – but still, a whole face of makeup while driving, not too shabby.  Not that I’m advocating the development of this particular talent, it is probably not the safest practice, but in my defense the traffic was moving at less than 5 mph for about ¾ of the trip, so I don’t think there was much danger.

I am now back to having a bit of a commute (not daily, but a few times a week).  Most of these drives involve shuttling Arden back and forth to some activity or other, so I don’t have a lot of quiet rumination time when she is with me, but sometimes I find myself alone with my thoughts. I thought I’d share a few that occurred to me this week – riveting I know!

Tips when calling in to the Dave Ramsey Show…dave

My husband and I are big fans of Dave Ramsey.  We began using his Baby Steps in our first year of marriage, and even though we’ve fallen “off the wagon” a few times since – budgeting and saving are something we really have a commitment to thanks to his materials. As I am sure anyone with a radio knows, Dave has a daily talk show.  The format is similar to all the other advice talk shows out there, listeners call in and ask for help with their situations. Sometimes the problems are more dire than others, but EVERY call Dave asks the SAME questions – EVERY show, EVERY time.  So, you would think that if you have listened enough to the show to actually work up the nerve and patience to call in and sit on hold for what I am sure is a long period of time, you would have, oh I don’t know, written down some of the salient detail surrounding your financial life. Just as an easy reference.  Because you are going to be nervous, so it would be helpful to have that information at your fingertips. You would think this would be a no brainer – you would think this, but you would be wrong.  OH MY GOODNESS – it is so annoying!  You have no idea how many times I just have to change the channel because I can’t take the awkward fumbling ANYMORE!

Dave is always going to ask how much debt you have, what that debt entails and your yearly income.  I mean it is going to happen – you know it is going to happen – so for the sake of my ever-loving mind – please have this very basic information available. Dave is still going to give you a hard time about your stupid choices, and I am still going to talk back to the radio when you try to argue that it was a brilliant idea to buy 3 rental properties on a flood plane when you are already $300k in debt, but at least you will sound a little more prepared. Thank you.

The inevitability of being stuck behind farming vehicles when running late…tractor.jpg

My commute is through farm country, and no matter what time of day I am making the drive, if I am running behind – out come the farming vehicles. It is a given. It is going to happen. It really doesn’t matter if it is a morning or afternoon drive, week day or weekend, raining or sunny – if I am running late, there will be a combine, tractor, or some other huge farming implement directly in front of me, and a line of oncoming traffic that stretches for miles on the other side.  No passing option; no way to get out;  No way to make up any time and actually arrive to my destination on time. No rescue from the inevitability – hopeless, simply hopeless. The struggle is real.

The schizophrenia of the 70s on 7…70.jpg

I’m still in my free trial of Sirius Radio in the new car.  I love it. I think my favorite stations are the decade specific ones, 60s on 6, 70s on 7, 80s on 8…you get the idea. I have officially become old because there is really not much popular music that I like right now – in fact I really think most of it is crap – accept Adele, because she is a goddess and has no equal – so I have been revisiting the music of my past with this free trial.  I was born in the 70s, so I really don’t have a “first time around” memory of most of the songs on the 70s on 7 – but I find that I am drawn to that channel more than any other.  Maybe it was music my parents had playing in our house when I was a child?  Maybe it is music that has been in so many movies, tv shows and commercials?  Maybe I just have a phono-graphic (is that a word, like photographic but with the ear…anyway) memory?  Whatever the reason, I know nearly every song on this channel and I love them all.  The wide range of musical genres from that decade makes the song rotation for this channel a true thing of beauty.  Yesterday’s drive is a perfect example.  The following 3 songs came on in uninterrupted sequence.

Black Betty (1977) by Ram Jam

We’ve Only Just Begun (1970) by the Carpenters


Good Times (1979) by Chic

I mean – COME ON – that is awesome.  You know what is more awesome – I knew all the words to all three songs.   I kind of feel the talent for being able to retain that type of musical recall may out do the applying makeup in the car talent. I don’t know.  It is close.

See ya soon!

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