30 Day Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 –

Gnomes, lanterns and fairy houses oh my

I went to Gordman’s today. That really should be the end of this blog because everyone reading this who has ever been to Gordman’s or a store like Gordman’s can probably fill in the blanks about what happens to one’s brain and the ability to control impulses as soon as one steps through those doors. For years I really tried to stay out of stores like this – TJ Maxx, Ross, HomeGoods, etc. – because they have an inexplicable affect on me.  Do they pump something through the HVAC system that infiltrates your central nervous system and renders you incapable of making rational buying decisions? Or maybe the lighting causes something to trigger in your brain – like mind control and the Manchurian Candidate – and you have no choice but to wander down the aisles aimlessly putting all manner of decorative items into your cart that you would never select under normal circumstances. I don’t know – but the struggle is real and can be a total budget buster and cause endless buyers remorse.

Moving into this new house has prompted me to venture back into these decorating super stores because I have found that the things I have just don’t fit with the “cabin in the woods” vibe we have going on out here.  For the first time in my life I have a large front porch – and literally nothing to put on it that works. So, today I found myself actually placing an LED lantern, a gnome and a fairy house in my cart – a GNOME people, a GNOME! What on earth am I going to do with a gnome?  I hate gnomes.  I change the channel when that creepy Travelocity thing comes on the TV. And a FAIRY HOUSE?  As if the plethora of woodland creatures around the ole homestead aren’t enough – I want to invite mythical, flying nymphs to take up residence out there??  No, no I do not – and thankfully sanity returned before I actually went through the checkout line. I’d like to celebrate my restraint, but those things only exited my cart because I went down another 3 aisles and found a ton of other things that I HAD to have. So, the gnome, fairy house and lantern are still at the store – if you feel the need to run out tonight and grab them up for yourself – BUT the following finds are now a part of my front porch décor and even after the fog and mind control cleared my person, I am still pretty excited about them.

I am about all things monogrammed – I don’t know why – but show me something with a ‘J’ and I am likely to buy it!  This little tray has a cork coaster thing – begging for a pitcher of sangria and some glasses.
I am all things America right now as well – it started with the flag Terry hung on the front of the house and the burlap pillow I got in October. So I bought two of these – because ‘Merica and because they light up!
This little glass bottle/poppy/French flower thing just makes me smile! And when you add France and ‘Merica – we are so multi-national!
Put it all together and it looks like this – and not a Gnome or Fairy in sight.

See ya tomorrow!

30 Day Challenge Count Down

Days Complete – 9

Days to Go – 21

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