Shake, Rattle and Roll

Day 19

Well, it’s Friday. Everyone have big weekend plans?  Yeah, me either. We are running low on meat and milk and bread, so I guess I’ll need to make a plan to go get some supplies this weekend. Other than that, nothing on the agenda. I was telling someone the other day that weekends seem the hardest in this mess (hardest is really a relative term, because it is all hard) because there doesn’t seem to be a break in the monotony. There is nothing on the calendar. Nothing planned. Nothing different from the other days. I’m thinking that on the weekends I may have to start planning projects that are only for the weekends – like cleaning out cabinets or drawers or closets – something to look forward to. But then I get swamped by a wave of apathy and I don’t care about the closets or cabinets or drawers. So, we’ll see.

Yesterday was a series of highs and lows. I spent a considerable amount of time washing and shaving the dog’s behind because…well I don’t want to get into the details, but suffice it to say that cleaning poop out of your dog’s butt because you haven’t been able to get him to the groomers to get that area cleaned up, pretty much sums up this whole stay at home situation.

After that exciting adventure, we had breakfast for dinner and then I introduced Arden to one of my favorite movies from my childhood – Clue. Erica and I used to rent that movie once a week when we were Arden’s age. I hadn’t watched it for years, but it holds up. Thankfully the double entendres went over Arden’s head, but the slapstick comedy  of Tim Curry and crew was a real hit. She loved the 3 alternative endings. A lot of the time, she doesn’t stick it out through an entire movie, but we cuddled up on my bed through the whole thing. I was happy that we got to enjoy that experience together.

This morning I got up to let the dog out and then sat down with coffee to watch the Today show.  They had a segment with a Bishop and a Rabbi talking about faith in the time of coronavirus. The two men of faith said about what you would imagine they would, but Bishop Curry said something that really hit home.  He said there is virtue in being honest with God. Telling Him what is on your heart. That the Psalms are filled with prayers of anger and fear and sadness and grief. God can handle that.   Resized952020040395084026

I, of course, know that – but it was good to hear it. We are all walking through a period of mourning.  Mourning what our lives used to be before all this. Mourning what we would have been doing if this had not happened. Mourning the normalcy of our world. So, it was nice to have that mourning acknowledged today.  It was also really fun to see the Buffalo Bills helmet in the background – Bishop Curry is not only a soothing voice – but he apparently loves him some football!

I’ve attached a link if you want to watch the whole interview.

Today Show – Finding Faith Today

As soon as I post this I am going in to wake Arden up to get started on our first day of official online learning. We have 3 subjects to get through, and then we’ll see where the day takes us. I’m not anticipating this being a fun morning because we are all just about over it, but we will make the effort and be grateful for the energy to do so.  Then I may go outside for a bit before it rains (AGAIN) and yell at God for awhile. I heard today, He can take it!

News of the Day:

According to tracking from Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 1 million confirmed coronavirus cases and 54,000 deaths worldwide.

The United States leads the world with more than 245,000 COVID-19 cases. More than 6,000 Americans have died from the virus.

The U.S. unemployment rate jumped from 3.5% to 4.4% as more than 700,000 Americans lost jobs in the first two weeks of March.

In the U.K., there were a record 684 coronavirus-related deaths in 24 hours. Buckingham Palace says Queen Elizabeth will make a rare televised address to the nation Sunday.

Plan for the Day:

Tackle online learning. Make a grocery list. Make a plan for the week. 

See you tomorrow!


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