Blue Clear Sky

Day 11

Remember how I said I needed to get my driver’s license renewed before March 30th?  Yeah, that hasn’t happened. A bit of a bright spot today, however, is that the DMV is closed until at least April 10th; and all licenses that expire during this time are extended until 30 days past the day of reopening. So the good news is I am not going to be dinged for my procrastination.  It is sad that this has caused me a very real sense of relief, but I guess we take our victories where we can in these crazy times. Not that I’m really driving anywhere. I may need to go pick up a few groceries next week, because we’ve already gone through a lot of what is here, but that’s really the only driving I will be doing. 

Another cause for personal celebration, I was able to calm my brain enough last night to read for nearly 2 hours.  Now, this may have been a result of our internet not having great connection, so I wasn’t able to scroll through the news and all the social networks, but I’m taking the victory here as well.  

I really want to just scrap today’s plan and curl up and keep reading, but that feels irresponsible.  I feel like if we don’t accomplish at least a portion of each day’s lesson plans, I’ve failed as a parent.  I know in my head that isn’t true, but my pleaser/rule follower nature rebels against not doing what we are supposed to be doing.  I think there is also an unacknowledged fear of what would happen if I let go of my schedule. I think there may be a real possibility of spiraling down into a real depression and that can’t happen.  I’m not saying that reading all day would lead to depression, or that it is not a worthwhile endeavor to spend a day reading and letting yourself off the hook to be “on” constantly. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m saying. 

Arden doesn’t really want to do school work this morning, but seriously, Arden doesn’t ever really want to do school work. I can’t base my decisions on her moods, or we would never do another math worksheet again. She asked if she could take a long bath this morning, so that is what she’s doing now.  We’ll get to the math and other things a bit later. I absolutely know the value of a good, long soak in the tub! So she can have a little self-care this morning and I will drink some more coffee and read a little bit. So glad you and I were able to come to that solution together!! Thanks, friends!

Here is our schedule for today:


I feel like if we can get our math and chapter book read; we’ve won the day!  Arden’s teacher has posted a couple of voluntary assignments online,. If we have the gumption we are going to try one of those, or both if we get CRAZY!  We didn’t get to the Random Canvas project yesterday, so that is an option as well. We’ll see.

Last night the three of us took Romeo for a walk before dark.  The weather was perfect. The sky was beautiful. It was lovely.  I’m glad we all went together. There are moments that we are all sick of each other. This house is small – the walls close in sometimes – but outside is huge and it was nice to breathe in some fresh air and just wander the grounds here for a little while. 


News of the Day:

Coronavirus cases surpassed 487,000 worldwide, with more than 22,000 deaths.

In the United States, there have been more than 69,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and more than 1000 deaths.

The U.S. Senate has passed a record $2 trillion stimulus package 96-0. The House is expected to vote on it Friday.

Unemployment claims in the United States skyrocketed to a record 3.283 million.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that “we may well be in a recession.”

In Rome, Pope Francis tested negative for the virus after an employee in his residence was reportedly hospitalized with COVID-19.

Plan for the Day:

Drink all the coffee. Do laundry. Math and reading. Try not to let the rainy weather completely drown my mood (see what I did there?!?!? Drown my mood!?!?!  Rainy weather?!!?).

See you tomorrow!


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