The Coloring Song

Day 7

And just like that, it’s been a week. We’ve entered the phase of this process where I need to remind myself what day it is. It is Sunday, in case you didn’t remember either. A lot of churches are doing online services and I’ve clicked on a couple to see what that looks like around the country. My attention span is really short this week.  Like scary short. I can typically tune into things pretty easily and not get distracted, but I seem to be mentally bouncing all over the place. I can’t concentrate on a book for very long, I find myself just flipping channels – unable to land on something for more than a couple minutes. I wander from task to task, not completing any one thing.  

Only a couple things have been able to settle my mind and spirit this week – writing and painting.  Writing is not a surprise, because I love to write and I often turn to it when I can’t find peace in other places.  The painting, however, is strange. I am the opposite of artistic. I can’t draw a straight line. I have one thing I can draw and it isn’t really drawing – more a collection of rectangles.  For some reason, however, I picked up a bunch of easy painting projects at Dollar General when I was stocking up on home school supplies. And so, this week when I’ve felt my mind bouncing all over the place, I put on some music and pull out one of these things. And, in my very limited way, create a little beauty.  It is settling. I don’t think it is quality work, but it has been therapeutic.  Arden has been painting with me.  She likes the more free-form type.  I need a picture that is already created.  So, I’m basically coloring with a paint brush.    

There were a lot of emotional outbursts over the last couple days.  Arden is very sad and lonely and convinced we are never going to be back to normal.  I am trying very hard to encourage her, but she isn’t alone in her sadness. Last night she had her first nightmare of this ordeal and that was a bit heart breaking.  She couldn’t remember what she dreamed, but it was enough to drive her from her bed and into the living room (where I was laying on the couch because it was 5 a.m. and the dumb dog had needed to go outside before the sun came up – again).  We cuddled for a little while and she was able to go back to bed and get some more rest. She’s still sleeping, so I’m praying she is finding peace and letting her stay asleep as long as possible.

Yesterday, Terry ran into Burlington to get some supplies before our stay at home order went into place. He reported back that Wal-Mart was pretty well stocked up with things…however, they were out of toilet paper.  BUT they had shop towels. I have to be honest I didn’t know what a shop towel was – apparently it is a little thicker than a paper towel. I guess in a pinch you could use it instead of toilet paper – but I wouldn’t advise flushing it.  Especially if you have a septic system – like we do. Thankfully we don’t need toilet paper yet and the small grocery store nearest to us has been stocked really well with all those things, even if they are a little more pricey.  

I have a cold and am coughing a lot. Of course, my hypochondriac self thinks I’m dying of the VIRUS, which I’m not.  I do not have a fever or any other symptoms of Corona, but to be on the safe side, I had him pick up vitamins. For all of us.  I feel like such a grown up! I took them this morning and already feel better. It’s a miracle! 


Oh, I also cleaned out our microwave yesterday.  If you are looking for a less gross way to accomplish this feat – fill a shallow bowl with water, a couple tablespoons of vinegar and slices of lemon.  Put it in the microwave and “cook” for 5 minutes. Allow it sit in the microwave a few more minutes after “cooking” and then wipe out the microwave with a damp rag.  Took all the ickiness out and left it smelling very clean. So that project took up 10 minutes, if you count the cutting up of the lemons watching the bowl spin around in the oven.

I have no idea what we are going to do today. There a couple carpet stains I’ve been meaning to clean and I guess we’ll need to eat at some point. I should probably come up with something else.  It is cold and raining/snowing today – so outside is not really an option other than taking the dog out. Hopefully inspiration will strike at some point in the next few minutes.

News of the Day: American hospitals are in desperate need of medical masks. Testing seems to be getting more available but still not at the number that is said to be needed.

Vice President Pence and his wife have tested negative for the virus.  

Congress is still negotiating a stimulus package for direct financial relief. 

Global cases have doubled in a week to 300,000. 

Plan for the Day: Yeah, I have no idea.

See you tomorrow!


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