Cry Me A River

Day 4

Hey, it’s Thursday!  My child just said she can’t wait to get back to school for P.E.  I don’t even know who we are anymore. P.E.???? What is happening?  I guess I need to find a ball and start throwing it at her or something.  I’m not even sure I have a ball. And this, along with the fact that long division was on the menu for today’s math lesson, is why I was a tolerable high school history teacher, but will never teach elementary. 

I haven’t done long division without a calculator since approximately 1989. I’m pretty sure that muscle has atrophied. It ain’t happening. Will the child be incapable of functioning as a productive member of society if she can’t do long division on paper?  Is she destined for a life of crime? I Googled how to do it and I don’t even recognize the steps – like none of it looks familiar. So, I can’t do long division and I’m not a criminal. She’ll probably be fine. Right? I think Terry might remember how to do it.  He’s making sure no one vandalizes the forest right now, so I can’t ask. Maybe he can help her tomorrow?  

Today was the first time – on this journey – we’ve had tears over school work – both of us.  Division was our Waterloo. See what I did there? Waterloo – it is a history reference – I KNOW HISTORY!  

Thankfully, there were other options for today’s math work – so we put the division worksheet to the side and proceeded with what made us feel confident and successful.  We’ll try division later (after I’ve found a YouTube video to remind me how the heck to divide).  Or we won’t.  I mean, who exactly is going to make me!?!?!  


Yesterday went much more smoothly than this morning has.  We did our math and reading with no incident. We finished our bread preparations and baked it.  It was delicious. We did two science experiments. I posted one on Facebook, but below is the second.  This one’s for Rock Candy and will take several days to complete. But in the end – Candy!


Arden was supposed to learn how to make Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner last night.  I even chopped up all the ingredients so they were all ready, but then she got a video call from a friend from her old school and off she went.  I was so happy to see her so happy to have some human interaction (even if it was on a screen), that I made the soup myself. That also turned out well – she can learn how to make it another time. It isn’t like we’re going anywhere!

News of The Day: President Trump signed Families First CoronaVirus Response Act.  This legislation gives free virus testing and paid emergency leave for those who are sick or caring for a family member who is sick. It also gives Medicaid funding, food assistance and unemployment benefits for more people.

Congress is also working on additional legislation which may give money directly to citizens whether infected or not.  There is real concern about how these things will be paid for once this crisis has passed, but there doesn’t seem to be any way around providing assistance to people and the current economy.

The latest reason for public outrage are the masses of college students celebrating their spring break on the beaches of Florida, rather than self-distancing like the rest of us.  The outrage is probably righteously disguised jealousy, because they are there and we are here. Staring at our walls and our families and desperately wishing we had a daiquiri in our hands and our feet in the sand.  Either the children are complete idiots or we are – and truthfully I doubt we will ever know for sure.

Today we have severe storms coming through the area. The temperatures are supposed to get as high as 68 and then crash overnight. Because it is spring in the Midwest and the weather here is bipolar – and in these uncertain times, there is a bit of reassurance in the reliability of the whackadoo weather here in Illinois. 

Plan for the Day: Recover from the trauma of this morning’s math debacle. Work through the rest of our schedule.  DO THE LAUNDRY. If I keep putting this task on the list, maybe it will actually happen. Probably ought to scrub the toilet at some point.  

See you tomorrow!



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2 thoughts on “Cry Me A River

  1. Love all of your posts but the daily posts are such a bright spot during this crisis. As an introduction, I know Terry through Menard County Historical Society and New Salem. Your Aunt Bonnie is a long time friend from high school days in Petersburg. I have moved to Iowa to be closer to family; I’m in Bettendorf. Thank you so much for your blog. Stay safe and well. Mary Pat Cline

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