Come Rain or Come Shine

Day 3

Good Morning! It’s another beautiful day in the forest under government recommended isolation.  Actually it is cold and rainy and dreary and gross. We slept in – even the dog until all of 5:45 a.m.!! I, again, was able to go back to sleep after taking him outside.  I set an alarm, but apparently my body had different ideas because I didn’t wake up until 9. I beat myself up for a minute for failing at my schedule just 2 days into this home teaching thing, but then realized that I will do much more egregious things before this ordeal is over, so I’m just going to save my self-flagellation until it is really a bad thing!  I simply adjusted our schedule for the day and pushed play on a good playlist. We have rain and storms (and a flood warning in the region for the weekend – because why not add a little natural disaster to the mix) but we also have coffee and waffles and warm socks and what will soon be fresh baked bread! So let’s do this thing!

Here is our new schedule for today:


Yesterday went very well.  We accomplished all of the school work we were scheduled to do and then did a science experiment and a little painting.  I showed Arden how to start the process for making the loaves of bread she loves to have when I make soup (She calls it Panera Bread – and I take that as very high praise!).  It is a no-knead recipe and other than measuring out the ingredients and patience, doesn’t really require a lot of skill – which for me is the key. I’ll post the recipe so you can try it if you happen to have the materials on hand, or can get the materials on hand and not get the plague.  We will finish that up today.



No Knead Bread Recipe

We took a long walk with Romeo yesterday.  It was cold but the sun was glorious and it was a good opportunity to get out and breathe some fresh air and talk.  Arden has a lot of questions and I have very few answers, but I think just letting her ask and us try to reason through it all together is calming her down a bit.  She has some interesting opinions on how long this will all last – some reassuring, some doomsday – and where’s the safest place to be – the forest is the safest but the least fun because there are no people!

Yesterday I really struggled with the reality that Arden is my only child.  She is stuck out here in the forest with no one but her parents for company right now. My sister posted a picture of her daughter and their neighbors having a play date from across the street – one child on one side of the street, the other child on the other side of the street – but still able to interact with each other.  It was adorable and creative, but nothing we can even get close to copying. This made me feel sorry for myself and my daughter for a few minutes. Remember how I said we are going to feel our feelings, but we aren’t going to live in them??  Yesterday was my opportunity to put those sage words into practice. I gave myself a few minutes to feel blue about it and then to pray that this is really just a 15 day exercise and we can get back to people in a couple of weeks – well at least Arden can get back to people at school – there are never going to be people in the forest. If there suddenly WERE people in the forest (other than just as visitors) we’d have a whole other set of problems and I don’t think I’d fair well in a zombie apocalypse.  I’m rambling. Sorry.

Today we are going to get creative on how to entertain ourselves while stuck inside – like really stuck inside – it is pouring!  Arden is working on math now and then we have reading and lunch. We are going to do a rock candy experiment, but it takes a week to complete, so she has requested we come up with another experiment to add that will be accomplished today.  So we are going to get the rock candy started and then do some tie-dye milk drawing.

Last night, I couldn’t bring myself to cook anything.  I had good intentions of getting the soup going, but we didn’t make it happen.  So, Terry said why don’t we order pizza!?!? Win/Win – stimulate the local economy AND Momma didn’t have to cook!  Hallelujah!

News of the Day: Today the U.S. closed the border with Canada (in addition to other international travel from other nations which was done in the past couple weeks). There are an estimated 200K people infected with the virus worldwide.  Severity of the sickness varies from no symptoms to severe respiratory distress and death.  

The country of origin of the virus – China – seems to be slowly recovering from the outbreak.  They have been on about a 3 month curve with this virus – so that may be an indication of the length we are looking at here.  Of course, they are a dictatorial regime and literally locked down their people with military force to slow the spread – I’m thinking that might not work in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  We shall see.

The Congress is working on a stimulus bill to help give financial relief to American workers who have been affected by the closing of many industries and businesses.  

Joe Biden won the IL, FL and AZ primaries last night.  He has a 300+ delegate lead over Bernie Sanders. This appears to be an insurmountable number.  It is thought Bernie will drop out in the next couple of days – leaving a Trump vs. Biden general election in the fall.  It will be interesting to see how the “Spring of Virus” impacts the election.

Philip Rivers, former Quarterback of the Los Angeles (San Diego) Chargers signed with the Indianapolis Colts for one year.  So it appears I will go from a Bolt to a Colt fan – this will make Terry very happy as he is an Indy fan. Tom Brady is NOT going to the Chargers – so I can keep cheering for them as well – but to Tampa Bay.

Plan for the Day: School work. Bread. Soup. Laundry. Survive and Advance.

See you tomorrow!



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