Maybe Not My Finest Moment

Happy New Year!  Can you still say that on January 14th?  As I haven’t posted anything in this new year, I’m going to go ahead and throw caution to the wind and say it here!  So, Happy New Year!! And in the immortal words of Barbara Walters – “This is 20/20”.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but I do have a couple things I want to do better in the coming year.  I’m not going to name them here, because then they would be resolutions and public, but know that I am trying to improve a few areas of my person.  

This story, however, is not about my intentions to be a better person. It is a story of how I may not have been the best person today.  I’m not 100% sure the following means I’m a garbage human being, but I’m sure most of you will shake your heads in disappointment about the choice I made in the situation I am about to share.

Today was a glorious day.  The original forecast for today was cloudy with a fairly high chance of rain, but instead we awoke to sunny skies and mild temperatures.  I was determined not to take this gift of a day in the middle of winter for granted!  I aimed to use it to its most advantageous. So after dropping Arden off at school I collected my laptop and library books and made for Burlington – all set for a day of writing, getting new books and thrift store shopping. 

I’ve mentioned before that there is an awesome thrift store in Burlington and whenever I have the time and opportunity I try to stop in and spend an hour or so hunting up treasures. Today I arrived just as the store was opening and I really took my time looking at every section of the store – housewares, antiques, clothes, decor, vinyl records (I received a record player for Christmas and have been picking up old records whenever I see something I might like – this store has a huge section of vintage vinyl) and furniture. I found many fun things – a braided rug, a ceramic vase, some records and, most importantly, a like-new fabric ottoman. I found this ottoman in the corner of the furniture section.  The price tag – $5.00. Have you priced ottomen – or is it ottomans – anyway, have you???




The cheapest I’ve ever seen, even at discount stores, is around $50. So, after thoroughly examining this offering and finding nothing at all wrong, I popped that baby in my cart and practically ran for the check out. When you find a deal this good, you don’t tempt the thrifting fate gods – you pay as quickly as you can and thank your lucky stars for your discovery.  

I arrived at the checkout area and found myself in line behind a lovely senior lady who was in a fairly animated conversation with the sales person. I came onto the scene in the middle of a sentence that went a bit like this…

“I saw it when I first came in, but wanted to do the rest of my shopping and when I went back to get it; it was gone! It was such a great find.  I can’t believe I missed out on it.”

As this statement concluded, the snowy white head turned my direction.  Her eyes zooming in on my full cart and the prize of my shopping expedition – the ottoman!  And then…

“And you have it!!”

Ok, freeze frame…clearly she was referring to the ottoman.  Clearly she had hoped to purchase it. Clearly she was as conscious of the ridiculously low asking price of the piece. Clearly she thought I should relinquish said piece to her.

Here was my response…

“Oh, you mean the ottoman?  Yes, ma’am, isn’t it great? I can’t believe they priced it at $5.00!  I was so excited, I snatched it right up!”

I then went about unloading the rest of my cart onto the counter, while actively ignoring her look of disappointment.  I know. I’m a beast. (I did say “ma’am”!!) I should have given it to the granny with the white hair and judgmental eyes – but this is thrifting people!  You snooze you lose! You think if I had come up behind her and SHE had possession of said item and I made the same comment, she would have happily handed it over???  I think NOT! I think she would have pushed that walker she was clinging to as fast as her 80 year old legs would take her, clutching that ottoman like the treasure it was, and “run” like the wind to her 1989 Lincoln Town Car.  Cackling all the way.  

I told Terry about it and he gave me the same look she did – and said…

“I would have given it to her.”

And of course, he would have.  Because he is a better person than me.  But he is not a better thrifter than me.  

Besides, my sciatica is acting up and this old woman needs to put her feet up!



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3 thoughts on “Maybe Not My Finest Moment

  1. Love this story! I’m on your team! Did she think the salesclerk was actually going to go customer basket searching and find it for her?? It’s called “shopping,” dear. If it’s in your basket, it’s your’s to buy! We don’t shop from one another’s baskets!


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