My Coffee Maker Died This Week

It’s Fall, y’all!  And the temp is actually below 80, so we are WINNING! I got up early this Saturday morning to take the dog out and actually experienced a chill in the air.  It was magical – almost like God said “I love you a lot today, and I decided to stop the sweating for a minute!”  I think it is supposed to be hot again next week, but that is not today!  Today we rejoice in the wonder that is fall.  Hallelujah.

I had a bit of a crisis earlier this week – our coffee maker died. This may not sound like the end of the world to you, but for me (a person with a true coffee addiction) it was truly a tragedy!  Truth be told, I knew it had been dying a slow death for a while.  For the last several weeks, the brew time seemed to be getting longer and longer.  The poor thing would sputter and spit out its life-giving brew –  taking almost 30 minutes to complete the cycle.  On Tuesday, however, it finally gave up the ghost.  After listening to it struggle for an hour to produce about a swallow of coffee, I put it out of its misery and pulled the plug.

This, however, left me with the dilemma of what to do to replace it.  I loved that coffee pot – it was red and retro and probably cost more than I’ve ever spent on such a “small” appliance.  It had a good run, but not a long enough one to justify a direct replacement at that price.  I shopped online for some options but nothing struck my fancy, so I just decided to get a cheapo one at the Dollar General to get by and keep my long-term coffee maker options open for when I run across a true replacement.  The new one is ok – but she and I both know she isn’t the one I’m going to marry…she’s just the rebound maker. Ok for now, but just a place holder for the “ONE”!


The search continues.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never spent so many words describing the failure of an appliance, but it was an impactful event in my small life – so there you go!

Our toaster is also doing some funky things, like burning only one side of the bread, so he’ll need to be replaced soon.  (Yes, I called the coffee pot a “she” and the toaster a “he” – I don’t know why,  it just seemed to be appropriate.)

Maybe I’ll start shopping for a two-fer sale. I’ll keep you posted – I know you can NOT wait for that update!

Well, there were five minutes of reading you will never get back.  Hope you are able to get out there and enjoy the heat respite today.  Tonight, Arden and I have a big night planned together – we are going on Mommy/Daughter date!  We’ve been planning it all week and are both super excited.  I’ll post on that another day.

See ya soon!





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