Dive In

Hold on to your hats – I’m writing two days in a row!

This morning began at 5 a.m. 5 A.M.!!! Why 5 a.m. you ask?  Because, as I pointed out yesterday, my goal this summer is to find ways for us to beat the heat without beating up each other.  To this end, we found an above ground pool on a super sale and decided as a family it would be super fun to have a pool in our backyard this summer. You probably are having a hard time finding it, as it is camouflage.  Did I mention it was on a super sale??? And came with a floating camo cooler???  I mean, what more could a house in the woods need or want?


I grew up with pools both of the above and below ground variety, but I’ve never actually been responsible for maintaining these swimming holes and really have no idea what I am doing.  So this has all the makings of a disaster, but I’m deeply committed to staying cool this summer.

We picked up the pool from the Wal-Mart on Sunday afternoon and began the process of setting the thing up.  Now, I’ve bought many a box of furniture from IKEA, so I’m familiar with navigating impossible instructions with no words – but nothing can compare to the ridiculousness of this pool construction.  But we persevered and it is up and full of water.  The pump is now functioning (after a minor operator malfunction – completely my fault for not reading the directions (the pump came with instructions with actual words, but not the pool – help me Jesus!) and we are circulating the water in preparation for the addition of chemicals – which my sister, who has actually taken care of pools for years, tells me requires a degree in chemistry or some such thing – so really what can go wrong?

My sweet princess is about to loose her ever-loving mind with the anticipation of jumping into her new pool – so when 5 a.m. rolled around she was UP!  Ready to go!  In my bedroom, asking – is it time to swim yet???  As of this writing, I’ve been awake for 6 hours and have already had a pot of coffee, fixed breakfast for the child, done our summer homework and answered the question about when lunch will be served (5 times).  The water in the pool is approximately 65 degrees – I looked it up online and hypothermia isn’t going to happen – but just barely, and the child is READY!  Lord help me.

aj swim

I’m trying to convince her to wait for another hour so that the sun has the opportunity to actually be somewhat in the vicinity of the water, but I don’t know how long I can hold her off.

I’ve searched the house for one of 10 pairs of goggles I have purchased over the last couple of years and have come up empty handed.  Apparently there is a black hole of goggles somewhere in my house – perhaps they are hanging out with all the socks that have disappeared in the laundry.  We will never know.  I’m not too concerned as the chemicals aren’t actually in the pool yet, because the filter has to run for several hours before I begin my chemistry experiment.  So, what could possibly hurt the child’s eyes? We did locate a dive mask, so she is going to have to make due with that until I can remember where I “stored” the goggles.

My biggest concern – she has an issue in the pool which requires I get in to help her!  I love her and all, but that may just be a bridge too far.  I joke. Kind of.

So, summer break is going great.

See ya soon.


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