Summer, Summer, Summer Time…

Hello all!  It’s been a minute…or a few months…is this thing on??


I got the bill for my website address this week, and it got me to thinking that I haven’t written anything in ages and what is the point of paying for a website address with a blog if you never blog?  I then proceeded to have a very long internal discussion about whether I should even keep blogging, keep a domain name, or ever write anything down again?  (Other than a grocery list and menu – which, by the way we are 6 months into 2018 and I am still keeping my calendar, grocery list and menu like a CHAMP!  So, clearly I’m not a complete loser at everything I begin.) My internal dialogue swung along a pendulum of being quite self-condemning – why don’t you ever finish what you start? – to over confident – why don’t you make a public declaration that you will write every day for the REST OF THE YEAR!?!?

It was a bit like my internal dialogues when I’m ramping up to start a diet or exercise program – these conversations typically end with me eating a plate of nachos and taking a nap because I have completely worn my motivated/abused self out.   However, I’m so much older and wiser these days than I was, say 6 months ago, and I’ve decided that rather than beat myself up over my lack of consistent posting OR make ambitious promises I can’t possibly keep; I’m simply going to write when the mood strikes and hope it strikes more often than not. Well, the maturity thing and the fact that in the midst of my internal barrage, the auto pay for the domain kicked in, so I’ve got this site for another year like it or not (so, again, kind of like the gym) – so write on, I shall!

It is summer break around these parts.  The last day of school was the Friday before Memorial Day.

Last Day of School Carnival Day!

I am two-parts relieved and happy for the summer and one-part in a state of complete dread.  Relieved and happy that the alarm clocks can be turned off and that our days do not have to have the structure of the school year. Dreadful of the fact that our days do not have the structure of the school year.  And this got me to thinking, my feelings about summer are the exact reason why I would make a terrible home schooling mother; telecommuter and apparently blogger – I crave structure, deadlines, time expectations and schedules.  Because left to my own devices, I will ALWAYS choose to be lazy.  There will ALWAYS be a binge-worthy reality show to be had.  And I will ALWAYS find an afternoon nap to be necessary.  This is why, even though I left full-time employment 3 years ago to be a “stay at home mom”; I took a part time job 6 months later and haven’t really ever stopped working.

Anyway, I digress – my point was it is summer and I’m trying to find things to keep us mentally, psychically and socially engaged so that my daughter and I are still speaking at the end of the 12 weeks.  Here is my problem.  I hate to be hot.  Like with a passion that is (pun intended) hotter than the sun.  I hate it.


So I don’t want to plan to go to the park or the zoo or whatever during the summer because it is simply too hot.  I’m not going to do it.  There is no small amount of irony in this distaste of the heat, being that I not only live in the Midwest but also on the property of an outdoor historic attraction. Trust me, the irony is not lost on me.  However, the spring and fall out here in the woods is quite nice (I think we got a whole 3 days of spring this year) and I try to focus on the cooler temps and reduced humidity that is on the way when my brain begins to boil from the heat.  My kid doesn’t especially enjoy getting hot either – which is one of the only pieces of evidence I have that she actually is my child – so we agree on that.  The problem is – her idea of the perfect summer day and my idea of the perfect summer day ends with the agreement on the heat.

My perfect summer day – wake up at 10 a.m., drink a pot of coffee while watching cooking shows until about 12 p.m., eat a bit of lunch; go to the pool to float and read until about 2 p.m., come home, take a nap, order take out, go back to bed.

Her idea of a perfect summer day – wake at 6 a.m., request a breakfast of things that are not in the house (even though she was asked to assist in meal and grocery planning to prevent just this event), finally settle on an alternative for breakfast, eat, watch YouTube videos of kids playing with the same toys SHE has while playing with said toys at the same time, ask for the first time (at 7:30 a.m.) what we are doing for the day, poo poo every non-hot suggestion, ask when lunch is (7:45 a.m.), complain when asked to do one of two chores required of her each day, complain again when asked to work on the one homework worksheet required of her each day, ask for the second time  (8:00 a.m.) what we are doing for the day, poo poo the same suggestions as before, (8:10 a.m.) again ask when lunch is….and so it goes….

We aren’t going to survive.

Please send help.

See ya soon.

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