Getting Old

It is Monday.  Have you noticed? Mondays are typically the day I get all my “house” stuff done – cleaning, laundry, catching up on Netflix – you know the important stuff!  But today we have no food.  Like none.  There is 1/3 a gallon of milk and some onions in my fridge and other than that – NOTHING.  So I need to go the grocery store.  Here is my problem…the closest grocery store to the house in the woods is way more expensive and choice limited than the Aldi in Springfield.  So, while I could go to the closest grocery store and probably accomplish getting the bulk of what I need, I would completely break the budget for groceries this week (which if you recall, I am determined to stick to in 2018!) and not have as much of a selection of products from which to choose. I have had several internal and external discussions this morning trying to psych myself up to get out and go to Springfield.  I’ve worn out my family with my self-encouragement.  They are over me.  They have quit taking my calls. So, I bit the bullet and pulled out the planner and grocery list notebook.  I have the list completed, the money envelope is in my purse and the grocery bags are set out.  I’m basically out the door.  So, why not sit down and write a quick blog?  Procrastination is my love language!

Getting Old

I was drying my hair this morning, and it occurred to me that I’m getting old. I turn 42 in a couple months and this fact is striking me as a bit concerning.  Especially because I’m starting to notice in myself attributes of the middle aged that I was certain would never ever happen to me…

  1. I have a 6 step face cleaning regime.  A regime I tell you!!  What has happened to me???  I used to maybe run a cloth over my eyes before falling into bed each night and now I am cleansing, buffing, exfoliating, masking, astringent-ing and moisturizing every night.  This process feels like it takes an hour.  I have to time budget it into my bed time process.  And to be honest, I’m not at all sure it is doing any good.  I still have these ridiculous age spot things and tiny wrinkles around my eyes (which my daughter has pointed out to me on more than one occasion).  I really believe things would be much easier if I could just have Oprah’s lighting crew follow me around all day every day (because that woman always looks flawless and she is a couple decades older than me).  And before you say that I should have been doing this face cleansing process thing since puberty, I say to you that I am aware and well shoulda, coulda, woulda.

2. I think I may be going through a bit of a midlife crisis.  Now let me be clear, I’m not on the verge of buying a sports car or trading my husband in on a 21 year old.  Nothing that life destroying.  My crisis is of the more mild variety.  It’s my hair.  My hair is now longer than it has been since my Freshman year of college.  I started growing it out when I turned 41.  I don’t know why that year prompted me to begin, but I think I had the idea that at a certain age you are just too old to grow your hair out anymore (I have NO idea what age that is). Also, I was not entirely sure I COULD grow my hair out anymore (maybe at 41 your hair stops being able to grow past your ear lobes – or at least mine).  I’m also not sure if I were to grow it out, I would have any earthly idea how to style it – because the last time I used a curling iron, I sprayed Aqua Net on every curl and then teased like my life depended on it (I AM completely sure the “kids” aren’t doing that these days). But grow it out I have, and it isn’t bad. I’m not sure it is good, but it isn’t bad.  So I’m keeping it for a while and we will see.  I’m hopeful that this life change is the most extreme my mid-life crisis advances, because I’ve also noticed as I get older, I’m too tired to really give energy to much more change.

3. I’m addicted to podcasts and sportsTV. I used to be a total political and news junkie.  I used to be up on all pop culture news.  I used to know all the songs on the radio.  And now? Now, I find pop culture annoying – because kids these days.  I find politics and news anger inducing and blood pressure rising (oh yeah, my blood pressure is a thing I have to think about now). I now find the nostalgia of a good sports retrospective documentary relaxing.  And nothing chills me out like listening to a well crafted podcast mini-series.  I prefer to listen to NPR than Top 40 radio.  See – I’m old.

Here are some podcasts you should check out if you, like me, are addicted to well produced podcast stories….

Slow Burn (produced by Slate Magazine) – this is a 9 part series on the Watergate scandal.  It is SO good and digs into details you probably don’t know – I didn’t.

Origins with James Andrew Miller – Season 2- an 8 part series on the “origins” of ESPN.  Oh my goodness – so good – and combines two of my favorite things – sports documentaries and podcasts

Someone Knows Something – this is produced out of Canada Public Radio.  I’m only 3/4 of a season into a 4 season series, but it is good.  Investigative journalism in serialized format of unsolved crimes.  Good times.

More Perfect produced by Radiolab – I can’t remember if I recommended this before, and I am not going to take the time to go back and look – but this is a 2 season (so far) series on the the Supreme Court – probably the least well known of the 3 branches of government.  Very entertaining and thought provoking.  Disclaimer – they do approach it from a slightly leftist point of view, so just pass that through whatever political filter you may possess.

4. I was talking to my sister earlier today and asked her if she has noticed anything that she does now that she never thought she would do when she was younger.  (Disclaimer – she is younger than I and hasn’t broken the 40 year threshold yet, so I have to say that she still displays youth and vitality much more than I.  But no one can hold off time and the changes come on slowly and start before you actually hit your 40th year). She said the thing she noticed is that she has to turn down the car radio if she needs to think.  YES!  Me too!  Our dad used to do that and we both thought it was so weird.  Like why can’t you think with the music loud!?!?  I now have to turn down all noise when I need to really concentrate on something.  I used to be able to write, read, do math with music or the TV blaring.  I got through two semesters of Russian history thanks to the blasting of The Hunt for Red October sound track. Now, it is like a constant ADD fest of distractions if even the spin cycle can be heard in a room in which I’m writing or thinking. Is this normal?  Again I say – What has happened to me??

I am sure there are many other examples of how I’m starting to change now that I’ve tip over the edge of the life hill – like that mountain climber on that Price is Right game. (Exhibit 5 of my advanced age – I’m fairly sure they haven’t used this game on Price is Right since Bob Barker was there – if you ask me who Bob Barker is, I may have to come through this screen and slap you). I’m not trying to be melodramatic, but let’s be honest – 90 years is about the most we can hope for and really 80 or 85 seems more realistic given some of my youthful choices and McDonald’s consumption – so I’m about at the half way mark. And Isn’t THAT a happy thought!?!?

I will say though, that even with all these not all together welcomed changes, I am finding that I do somethings way better now than when I was half of THIS age.  I definitely am better at planning, I’m better at prioritizing what is important, I’m better at not giving energy to things that simply don’t matter (though I will probably always struggle in this area).  And I’m better and kicking myself in the tail to get things done….

and with that…off to the grocery store I go!

Happy Monday!  See ya soon!


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