The things we think we hear, and I need a favor from you…

This morning Terry and I were sitting at the dining room table chatting. As I’ve mentioned before, Arden is a big fan of riding the bus, and riding the bus means we have to get up at 6:15 a.m. and be down at the bus pick up spot by 7:10 a.m.  I’m slowly adapting to this early morning ritual, but it is not easy and requires copious amounts of coffee to get me going in the morning.

One of the nice side benefits of dropping A off an hour before I have to leave for work, is that T and I get to spend a few minutes talking over coffee each morning.  It takes at least half a cup before I’m able to string multiple words together, so while we talk about all sorts of things, none of them are profound I assure you.  For example, every day I ask the same question…”What does your day look like today?” (You know I’m a sucker for a schedule.) T has a pretty interesting job running the volunteers and programing of a state historic site, so he typically has pretty interesting days ahead of him.  (Mine are less than exciting most of the time – hang out with pictures of the dead, make dinner, write a blog…).  Today was no different.  I asked his plans for the day, and this is what he said…

“Pastor rehabilitation and children training.”

preaching-cartoon                               kids

Wait, what?

That is NOT what he actually said, but it totally could have sounded that way!  He actually said…

“Pasture rehabilitation and chiller training.”

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Not nearly as interesting nor good fodder for a blog.  I mean…who doesn’t have a list of some pastors they’d like to see rehabilitated and as for children training – I have one who could benefit from that particular offering.

This is the way my mind works – and so off on a tangent I flew talking about words that sound like other words and how wouldn’t it be funny if the words that sounded like other words were used instead?  Like Prostrate and Prostate.  I know – I’m a 12 year old boy in my brain.  I can’t help it.  Don’t get me started on the other name for a hot dog because I will dissolved into giggles for quite some time.

And this is why I love my husband and what 10 years of marriage (almost) will lead you to – he thinks I’m the funniest person alive!  He said so himself this very morning!  And NO, I didn’t imagine he said it – he said it!  Of course, he followed it up with “because that is exactly what I was thinking and I think I’m pretty funny!”  So there is that – so are we funny because we share the same brain?  Are we the only ones who think we are funny?  Maybe we shouldn’t take our show on the road just yet?  (See – mind tangent strikes again!)

Just a day in the life, folks!  You’re jealous, huh?


Ok – so on to the favor I need, if you would be so inclined to lend me a hand.  I’ve had an idea for a while to do a series of writings (maybe they will lead to a concrete collection – i.e. book – but I didn’t say that out loud, so don’t hold me to it) about the funny and thoroughly inappropriate things that good intentioned people say to others who are going through a time of loss, struggle, hurt, challenge, etc.

When we lost my dad almost 10 years ago, we heard some real doozies – and I have to be honest, I’ve said a few winners to others when I was at a loss for the “right words”.

I’m thinking there could be some funny and healing conversations around what NOT to say to people in crisis and what WOULD be helpful in those times?  So, if you have a fun one-liner or story that you either had said TO you or had the misfortune to utter yourself, would you share them with me?  You can email me if you want them to be anonymous ( or just drop them in the comments here.

Like I said, this idea is still in the formative stage, and I’m not sure what will emerge, but if nothing else we can all feel reassured in our experiences.

Thanks in advance!

See ya soon!

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