You Are My Sunshine

Hey did you hear there was a solar eclipse today?  Yeah, me too.  Did you get to see it?  Cool. Me?  Not so much. And not because the path didn’t cross my neck of the woods, but because the skies clouded up and produced a pretty significant thunderstorm from about 12:45 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.  Yep, the exact time of the eclipse.  Classic!  Apparently this is what it looked like:

Seems cool – I saw storm clouds and rain.  We went to help in Arden’s classroom because we both were off today and we thought it would be a fun/cool experience to have as a family. Oh well – maybe we can catch the next one in 7 years.

In other news, today was the first day of school. Arden started at her new school today and by all accounts the day went very well. Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, tree and outdoor

Hey, do your kids come home and tell you all kinds of stories about their day and all the friends in their class?  Do they explain – minute by minute – all the good things that happened? Do they share cute anecdotes about moments of their day?  If so, you are lucky.

My typical conversation with the Princess goes a bit like this:

Me: Can you tell me a really fun thing that happened today?

A: mumble, mumble, mumble – recess

So informative!  Thank you! I did get a bit more out of her towards the end of the evening – but it was like pulling teeth.



Speaking of teeth – A has an extremely loose tooth – it is about more than I can handle.  It is practically hanging by a thread (are there threads in your mouth? Probably not. And if there are, you should probably be brushing better) and she will NOT pull it out.  I have tried bribery, cajoling and threatening – nothing will convince her to PULL IT OUT!  So, so, so gross!  She chases me around the house with her mouth wide open,  wiggling that thing with her tongue – “Look Mom, LOOK!”  Brat child. I am about to tell her that the tooth fairy called and announced her retirement because it was simply taking too long for this tooth to come out. No money for your snaggled tooth self – Ha!

A also has decided that she wants to give riding the bus a try.  We’ve never ridden the bus (I say that like I’m going to be riding with her – I won’t be). The bus comes at 7:15 a.m. and it is supposed to be raining in the morning, so this should be fun.  However, she was up at 6 a.m. this morning all on her own and has already gone to bed for the night, so maybe she will surprise me and be bright eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning.  I have no hope that this will continue.  I am preparing myself for a lot of morning battles, not because she is a bad kid but because she is MY kid – and we don’t like mornings.  She used to be a morning person, but something happened about age 5 and sleeping-in in the mornings became very attractive.  I really feel we began to truly bond around that time.

I am hopeful about the rest of our school year, morning wake ups notwithstanding.  Arden’s teacher is some kind of fantastic. She is creative, talented, kind AND pretty.  I am determined to find something lacking about her- just kidding…kinda.  But seriously, it looks like A really hit the teacher lottery this year.  We had such a great teacher last year, and so I’m just doing a happy dance out here in the woods because it looks like we’ve been blessed yet again.

I hope all of you with babies (little, middle or big) have a terrific school year!

See ya soon!



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