30 Day Challenge – Day 30

Day 30 – That’s a wrap, folks


Well friends, we’ve made it to the end of the challenge! I hope you’ve had fun reading along – I will admit that a couple of the days I didn’t really feel like writing anything at all, but I am glad that I did!  Your encouragement really meant a lot to me and kept me on track.  So a big thank you to everyone who stopped by for any or all of the days.

And now for today’s installment…

For Mother’s Day I asked for a cookbook. Exciting, huh? Let me explain. I love cooking shows. I can waste a significant chunk of a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and the Food Network. Arden really enjoys cooking shows as well, so it is something we can actually watch together and my brain doesn’t feel like it is dying a slow and painful death. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Disney but some of those tween situational “comedies” are enough to make me want to rock myself in a corner – they are terrible – but Arden is a fan.  So, when we discovered a joint love of cooking shows, I pounced on it like a cheetah on a gazelle.

One of my favorite shows is America’s Test Kitchen. I love it because they get really specific on how to do each of the recipes and they talk about how they had tested various ways of making the dish and are presented what they believe is the best. They also do a segment on kitchen gadgets and which ones work and which are duds – I’m a sucker for a good kitchen gadget! Well, a few months ago, I saw an advertisement for the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook – the ad said that the book contained every recipe that the show has ever presented from 2001 – 2017 and I was hooked – so I told T that I would really like the cookbook – and the holiday coming up was Mother’s Day, so I asked for it for Mother’s Day. You know you are a stay at home mom if you ask for a cookbook for MD – it is like asking for a vacuum for Christmas – but you want what you want – so there you go.

Well I got the cookbook – two cookbooks actually – one is the ATK Cooking School book and the Complete ATK TV Show Cookbook – the combine weight of these books is approximately 40 lbs. The mail delivery woman had to bring them up the hill from our mailbox to our door because the mailbox pole would not support the weight of these massive books.


They are huge!  I am totally overwhelmed! These books are bigger than any text book I ever had in college!  I have no cookbook stand capable of holding one up!  But I will not be deterred.  Arden and I have a goal to select several recipes from the books and make them together this summer.  I’ve started teaching her a few cooking basics. She helped with all of tonight’s dinner and she really enjoys puttering in the kitchen with me – so this is our goal. Perhaps those attempts can be a subject of some future blogs!

But first I need to do some arm weight work to lift these things!

The Cooking School book is pretty awesome because it shows how to do things that I think I should know how to do in the kitchen, but I don’t know how so I just fake it – like cutting onions correctly – I do it completely incorrectly which is not at all surprising.

So that is my summer project – well one of my summer projects along with sending the ducks off, keeping the kid entertained, and hopefully writing a lot.

See ya soon!

30 Day Challenge Count Down

Days Complete – 30

Days to Go – 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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