30 Day Challenge – Day 24

Day 24 – Otters, Pirates and Street Performers – oh my

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Our internet connection isn’t working well tonight – so this will be brief.  Ugh!

Today was a great and exhausting day. Arden and I struck out on our own and went to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa – it was really laid out well and we spent several hours exploring.  We would both highly recommend a visit! The otters were our favorite part of the day!

This evening we took a pirate cruise off of Clearwater beach and partied with the pirate crew around the gulf at sunset.  The girls had a fun time and we saw several dolphins!  Why is it that seeing a dolphin is as exciting the 100th time as it is the first?  I don’t know, but I’m not complaining – I am pretty sure no one on the ship – experienced sailor or novice – was unaffected by the sight.  Dolphins are just cool – and there is no getting around it.


Arden and I are down to our second to last night of vacation – and as excited we are to see Terry again, we will miss the sea breezes and vacation days.

See ya tomorrow!

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