30 Day Challenge – Day 13

Day 13 – May I help you?  PLEASE NO!


The other day I had to go buy new make-up. I went to Ulta. I made it about ½ an inch into the store when the first overly perky sales assistant asked me if I needed help.  I politely said “No thank you, just looking around.” She said ok and walked away.  I walked another 2 feet and another overly perky sales assistant came and asked me if I needed help.  Wash and repeat.  2 more feet and ANOTHER overly perky sales assistant approached.  Now, all these women are standing in a clump, they all see the others approach me and my polite attempt to decline assistance.  There is no way these women didn’t hear our exchanges. It was a little bizarre.

The store has 15 or so of these women standing in clumps all over.  There are a total of 3 customers in the store in the middle of the day – so why does the ratio of sales person to customer need to be quite so high? It feels like over-kill.

I just wanted some foundation!

I was making my selection when I was approached yet again by a sales assistant asking if I needed help – ugh!  I said, “No thank you, but y’all sure do ask that a lot.”  Instead of being deterred and walking away – she said “where are you from?”  Huh?  Where am I from?  I was confused so I just looked at her and said “here, why?” She said “because you said y’all, I thought you were from Texas or something.” Umm – ok.

I grabbed the box of foundation and made a bee line for the cashier. I was waiting for the question of who was helping me – but it never came – the perky cashier NEVER asked if I was helped by someone. So, even if I had taken one of the 10 offers of assistance – the lucky winner wouldn’t have gotten commission credit anyway because her cashier comrade never asked the question.

I think I will stick to buying my make-up online.  It is just too overwhelming to attempt the Ulta store again in the near future.

See ya tomorrow!

30 Day Challenge Count Down

Days Completed – 13

Days to Go – 17

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