30 Day Challenge – Day 12

Day 12 – the Law formerly known as Murphy’s


There is an old adage “If anything can go wrong, it will.” It is called Murphy’s Law.  We’ve heard about it for years, but today I’d like to rename it – I’d like to call it Jones’ Law. Because, y’all – if it can go wrong recently it HAS.

I’ve mentioned some of these mishaps over the last days and weeks, but I think to get a real feel for why this Law needs a re-name – you have to get the full picture….

It all starts in the fall of last year with the first car break down = $900.  Then the will you move to the middle of nowhere or the woods in IL.  Then the walls of the house that you’ve chosen to move to literally are falling apart.  Then the bargain used refrigerator that died within a week of purchase.  Then the car over-heating.  Then the car dying completely.  Then the home inspection/appraisal/rain thing. Then the fiasco of my husband not being at closing but needing to be at closing but us only having one car so the drive to and from and to and from Petersburg to get the right documents signed. Then the buying a car to replace a car that we should have fixed but didn’t because the dead car was supposed to be fixed.  So it’s been a time.  And I think we’ve rolled with it. But yesterday was the straw – the straw that broke the poor over-whelmed camel’s back.

I came home to no power. There was power all over New Salem but not at our house…no power, nothing…darkness, pure and utter darkness. So that sucked, but then Ameren came out and said- umm so it isn’t our issue it is yours because it is under ground and we don’t do that – it is the State of Illinois that needs to fix it.  Well, y’all the State of Illinois has about a billion problems and my house not having power is not one of them.  So I was not at all confident that anything would be done before Arden’s graduation from high school if not later. And so Terry and I just sat down and laughed for a while, because what else can you do?

I mean if the ridiculous things that have happened in our world were pitched as a sitcom script – ain’t no one in the world picking it up.

Thankfully, the State was more sympathetic to our plot than I assumed, and my mother was the hero who saved the day (or night) and let us crash at her apartment.  So I have power today  – but that power is not assured for long and they are coming back out next week to try to provide a real fix.  I am thankful for that.

I say all that to say – neither Murphy’s nor Jones’ law are gonna get this Jones Family down!  We mock your ridiculousness and fart in your general direction (Monty Python reference). Because every day there is something bad is typically followed with a day of good and as long as those are the odds – I’m gonna keep on getting up and trying each day.

So there!

See ya tomorrow!

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Day complete – 12

Days to Go – 18

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