30 Day Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 – Oh Me Oh, Oh My Oh, Kettering, Ohio

map_of_kettering_ohMy phone thinks I live in Kettering, Ohio.  I have no idea why. I’ve never been to Kettering, nor has my phone – at least as far as I know.   It defaults to the time and weather of Kettering.  When I try to get driving directions on the map app of the phone, it puts my starting point in Kettering.  If I attempt to get information from Google for businesses “near me” – I am given a lovely selection of applicable businesses in Kettering.

I have tried to fix the location settings numerous times but it always defaults back to Kettering.  So it got me wondering if maybe my phone is trying to tell me something.  Maybe Kettering is where I’m supposed to be – or at least visit.

I Googled Kettering to try to get a feel for my phone’s obsession with this Midwestern city.  Kettering is a suburb of Dayton and has a population of about 55,000 people. It is in the Eastern time zone (that whole hour difference has freaked me out numerous times when I glance down on the phone and it has switched to Kettering time on the clock).  There are a few colleges there and what appear to be lovely parks.  Looks like a nice place to live if you ended up there because you were working in Dayton but didn’t want to actually live in Dayton; but I can’t say that it is a location that should inspire my phone to resist my attempts at location correction.  If you are from Kettering, I’m sure you are living your best life there, but I don’t feel overwhelming desire to be there too.   I’m ok in Petersburg, IL – I just wish I could convince my phone.

I would also like to ask my phone why it chose Kettering – I mean if you are going to choose a place to be other than where you are don’t you think it should be some place more exciting, interesting, educational, etc. than your actual location?  Couldn’t my phone have chosen Florence? Or Madrid? Or Boston? Or really any other place? What made Kettering so attractive?  Maybe there is some sort of Android phone gravitational pull to Kettering, and maybe if left unattended all cell phones would eventually be drawn to that one location. Again, not sure innovation is our friend here, because you and I both know that the machines are going to take over the world one day – it is just a matter of time.  Maybe that take over starts in Kettering?  Hmmm – that is a thought that is going to linger.

See ya tomorrow!

 30 Day Challenge Count Down

Days Complete – 5

Days to Go – 25

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