30 Day Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – Let There Be Light (bulbs)

light bulbs and more

Have you ever noticed that light bulbs all burn out at the same time? I suppose this makes sense because way back when you probably replaced all of them at the same time – so I guess it stands to reason that they would all have about the same life cycle.  But not really, because every lamp or light fixture in your house doesn’t get used with the same regularity, so ALL my light bulbs really shouldn’t ALL burn out at the SAME time. 

Over the last couple of weeks I have spent a small fortune on light bulbs.  Those suckers are expensive. Apparently the “new” type bulbs are supposed to last so much longer, but this I do not believe.  I bought a package of light bulbs last week that said they would last 13 years.  light bulbs.pngUmm – are you kidding me?  There is no way this is possible and I am quite sure those who put that on the package laughed hysterically as they printed it because they knew that this was not possible.  First, these type of “new” bulbs haven’t even been around for 13 years – so what type of scientific method are you using to make this assertion? Second, it was a package of 4 bulbs, so are they playing fast and loose with the 13 years promise – is it really 13 years divided by the 4 bulbs?  So closer to 3 years each?  Even that seems unlikely.  Honestly, have you ever had a light bulb in your home last 3 years?  If so, I think you do not turn on the lights.

Don’t even get me started on all the different wattage, sizes, soft light/white light, etc. options that are available – are these options that really need to be present in my life?  I mean I want to see in the dark – that is really it – the light bulb has one job – I don’t need an entire Lowe’s section dedicated to the light bulb.  It is just overwhelming. Did you know that there is a whole section of light bulbs just for the range hood of your stove?  Cuz there is – and I had to venture into it today – ridiculous.

I have no idea why this is bothering so much – but it is – and since I promised to write something every day for a month, this is what I’ve got today.  I keep getting teased that moving out to the site means that I’m going to start making my own soap and candles and cooking our meals over an open fire – I am not saying that any of that is actually going to happen, but if they keep it up with the out of control light bulb market, I may be tempted.  I’m not entirely sure innovation has been our friend in this case.

See you tomorrow!

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