30 Day Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 – Driving Miss Ardendriving-miss-daisy_668_330_80_int_s_c1

We closed on our house on the 28th of April, but school doesn’t end until the 26th of May.  We didn’t want to pull Arden out of her school with such a short time left in the school year, so we’ve been commuting into Springfield every day for the last few weeks (2 weeks to go and I’m not sad to see the time come to an end).

I am saving our ongoing car saga for another day’s blog – but I will say that we had to buy a new car recently because both of them have died sad, sad, sad deaths and we had to have at least one functioning vehicle. I’m in love with the new car so it does make spending over an hour each day in the car a whole lot more bearable.

I also am enjoying the conversations I’ve been having with my 7 year old during our commute, but I have to be honest the mornings are a challenge. None of us are digging getting up earlier and we push the timing thing to the limit every day.  This time crunch leads to the same conversation every single day – it starts about 20 minutes before we even leave the house.

Me: “Arden we have to leave in 20 minutes!” This is yelled from my room across the house at my kid – who can’t hear me because this house is nearly sound proof.

Arden: “WHAT!!???!”

Me (Now in the living room): “WE HAVE TO LEAVE IN 20 MINUTES!  Have you finished eating? Are you dressed?  Where are your socks, shoes, book bag??”

Then the running around the house begins – because we don’t plan ahead and have all these things in one place so that we can easily access them in the morning. Our mornings are the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  We just don’t learn.

Once we finally get in the car I turn into Mario Andretti trying to cut the 25 minute drive down to the 12 minutes we have to get to school before the bell.  We have had a large number of tardy slips in the last 3 weeks. The child was on time every day for nearly 2 years, but now we just can’t seem to make the 30 minute adjustment and so we have to do the walk of shame into the school more days than not to beg forgiveness and get her the dreaded pink slip to get into class. It is embarrassing.

Every morning we are late, Arden turns into a 7 year old version of Jessica Tandy – she shakes her head at me and says in her most judgemental voice (sigh) “I guess I’m late AGAIN!”  Like this is completely MY fault and not the result of her never being able to find that missing shoe.  At this point, I want to look in the rear view mirror and in my best Morgan Freeman voice tell her: “Miss Arden, I’m just trying to drive you to the school!”

12 school days to go – will we survive?  I do not know – but I can pretty much guarantee we aren’t going to be on time for our own funeral.

See you tomorrow!

30 Day Challenge Count Down

Days Completed: 3

Days to Go: 27





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