The 30 Day Challenge/Day 1

The 30 Day Challenge

I was thinking today – can you make a New Year’s resolution in May?  If so, I’ve decided writing more frequently needs to be mine.  Scientists (I’m not sure exactly who these “scientists” are – but I’ve heard the term bandied about enough that I’m just going with it) tell us that to form any habit you need to repeat the same activity for 30 days.  Is this true?  I am not 100% sure – because trust me I’ve been repeating the habit of saying that I look 20 years younger every day for like 10 years and it hasn’t happened – but I’m going to give it a try here with this whole blog thing.

If you’ve been here at all in the past few months, you know we have moved out to the woods. We sold our beloved house, packed up our way too many belongings, and hauled ourselves and our stuff out to the Site Manager’s house at Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site (wow that is a mouthful – so for future reference, I’m just calling it “the site”).  So I suppose that makes me officially a woods woman?  Is that a thing? One word or two?  No clue – but that is what I am now. Moving is hectic and exhausting and emotional and so I haven’t been writing much (which is really counterproductive for me because I process better when I write) but all that changes today!

Today, we turn over a new leaf (see what I did there with the woods metaphor??)!  Today I propose to begin a new experiment – 30 days of writing.  30 days of blog posts.  I cannot guarantee all of these postings will be all that exciting or even interesting, but I really want to try out this theory that a habit can indeed be formed in the span of 30 days (although Scientists – again not sure who they are – say you can immediately become addicted to crystal meth, so why does it take 30 days to develop a GOOD habit but only one instant to develop a LETHAL one??  I do not know but maybe we can talk about that in more depth on say Day 17 when I can’t come up with something else.  But I digress).

So, if you are game – won’t you join me on this ride?  Today is Monday, May 8, 2017.  If I am successful the last day of this experiment will be Tuesday, June 6, 2017.  By that time a couple of things may have happened:

  1. I will be talking only to myself because I am the only one who will be interested in what I have to say on Day 22.
  2. I (and hopefully you) will be more intentional in looking for the interesting things that happen every day.
  3. I will figure out if these “Scientists” know what they are talking about.

So with that intro complete….here we go:

Day 1 – We sold our house in 2 days!

This whole process of transitioning into the site house started way back in the fall of last year, but it really picked up steam and momentum around February of this year. That’s when we took possession of the “new house” and started the process of moving stuff out a little at a time as Terry came and went from work.  He also started spending a couple of nights a week out at the “new house” to begin the long and arduous task of getting the house into some sort of shape for human occupation (when I say it was trashed by the previous occupant, I am not exaggerating – it was truly shameful how it had been treated by the people living there prior to us; but I have to decided to be like Elsa and Let It Go on that whole anger train).  While the move out began we also started the process of getting the “old house” ready for sale. We met with our realtor, discussed what things needed to be fixed or updated and worked to get all that accomplished for a March 1st listing.

Total hats off and kudos to my rock star of a husband – he did 99.9% of the work at both houses – although I paint some trim like a CHAMP in case you were curious!

Lots of hard work and we had it ready to list by the first weekend in March.  The house went live on the internet Friday, March 3rd and we had an offer accepted by Sunday, March 5th. Wonder of wonders, miracles of miracles – it was a huge answer to prayers!

And then the process of closing began…duh, duh, DUHHHHHHH (that is supposed to read like the ominous music in a mystery movie).  Closing is not fun.  Inspections and appraisals are not fun. Fixing what is found in inspections and appraisals is not fun.  I felt judged and persecuted through the entire process – which is ridiculous because I didn’t build the dang house or even install the majority of the things needing to be fixed, but that is how I felt.  How dare these people say I need to change x, y or z!??!!  Not rational but reality!  It truly wasn’t pretty.  And then spring sprung in Central Illinois and it rained every day of the month of March – I’m exaggerating of course, but again my perception was my reality.  The majority of “fixes” needed to happen outside – of course – and we couldn’t GO outside because it was RAINING!  I know, oh the horrors of my cushy life, I’m going to shut up now because I’m making my own self sick with the whining!

So, fast forward to April 28th and all the repairs are complete, signed off on and we close on the house.  All our stuff is in our new house, most of it still in boxes in the garage, but we are making progress. We are officially in the woods – with the woodland creatures and nature – and it is beautiful and peaceful and quite a change for this city girl.

But this is the view from my front porch – so I think everything is going to be ok.


See you tomorrow!

30 Day Writing Challenge Count Down

Days Completed: 1

Days to Go: 29

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