Randomness and Heart-Stopping Terror

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARandomness #1 It is January 21st. According to the calendar we are only one month into winter, but it was 61 degrees today, so I decided it was spring. I know full well it isn’t spring. I know that in one week we will likely have snow and ice. But I just can’t help myself; I took out my spring door hanger and the flower arrangement that goes on a little table that sits outside my front window and put them up.

I spent today cleaning, packing and de-cluttering and discovered the following about myself:

  1. I have way too many pairs of shoes that are neither in fashion nor in good repair. Well, I HAD too many shoes that fit that description – they are now in the trash.
  2. I am in desperate need of color in my wardrobe – I color coordinated my closet after I packed away everything I felt I could live without for the next few months and the only colors left are grey, brown, black, blue and one red jacket. This does not seem healthy.
  3. My purse collection is quite impressive – but I’m bored with them all and packed them all away to live at the new house for the next few months – except for the newest addition – an orange Michael Kors that my mom gave me. I guess I am to get my color from my handbag this year.
  4. I still have too much stuff – I’m still feeling stuff sick – and I say again – I need a dumpster.

Randomness (and heart-stopping terror) #2

Does everyone love the “On This Day” function of Facebook as much as I do?  Today I was reminded that 7 years ago Terry and I went to the hospital to begin the induction process for the birth of Arden. Some of the comments that accompanied that bit of news are truly hilarious in light of what actually happened that weekend.  That child would not be born easy – no matter how much I prayed, cajoled, begged or pleaded – it took 2 ½ days and a c-section for her to make her debut into this world – she’s not done anything on my timeline or easily from day one.

Today she decided that she was perfectly capable of leaving a friend’s house without telling anyone and taking a trip around the block to find another friend – OH MY HEART!

Here is the story as I have deduced it from those involved:

There is a little friend who lives two doors down (Callie) with whom Arden loves to play.  The girls spend a ton of time between our two houses – for those of you who read the blog, you might remember the “Little Fence that Could” post from last year – Callie lives in that house (small world).  Anyway, we moms are in pretty close contact when our girls are at each others house (although not close enough today apparently)– letting each other know if they are headed to one house or the other.  Today Arden was playing over at Callie’s and I was cleaning and all the stuff I mentioned earlier.  The weather was so wonderful, I had all the windows opened and was in and out of doors – I was very surprised when I heard my child sobbing and running up the drive saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” before she even got to me.

It was not easy to figure out the problem – once I got her calmed down, I found out that she had run around the block to find another friend who she “thinks” lives around the block and that Callie’s mom had to come get her in her car and that she was found near a very busy street at the end of that block. At this point, I had a minor heart attack.

The child was distraught – she put herself in time out.  I very calmly (and let me tell you that was a hard fought battle of calmness) explained to her why that was probably not a great idea.  I explained that the biggest fear of my life is not being able to keep her safe and just because she thinks she is big enough to go places alone, she most certainly is not. She volunteered to cancel her birthday party as punishment – but I thought that was a bit extreme.  But just a bit.  We agreed that a better punishment was not playing with friends the rest of the day.

I tell you, this parenting thing is not for the faint of heart. And I am not sure mine (heart) will survive it, but it is never, ever boring!

Hope you all had a less eventful day!


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